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Box Styles

ADD Printing Packaging offers custom printed boxes in various styles, materials, and sizes. If you want to find out how much box material you need to make a custom box, check out the box material calculator.

Please check the details for the styles you need, or feel free to contact us directly.  Graphic design service is available. We 
guarantee our qualities and designs.

Tuck End Style
Tuck End Tuck End with Hand Tab Tuck End with Side Hand Tab

Auto Lock Bottom
Snap Lock Bottom
 Sealed End
Roll-End Tuck
 Six Corner Beers Tray Bag Box
Gable  Display   Sleeve
 Edge Locked Sleeve
Pillow Hexagon 
Two Pack Carrier   Four Pack Carrier
Frame-Vue Tray
 Simplex Tray
Roll-End Tray Four Corner Beers Tray 
 Shoe Box

For various box types, materials, and styles, please feel free to contact us for details.

Graphic design service is available.